Qualinest: test smarter, test less​ We are a team of consultants and testing architects dealing with the most complex and intricate projects in all industries and covering world wide projects.

Who we are

We are a team of consultants, software development and testing architects with more than 14 years of experience in:

  • dealing with the most complex and tangled projects, while covering various industries and worldwide locations
  • delivering an efficient and rewarding training experience, for you and your team
  • providing a customized approach, designed to meet your needs, your skills and goals
  • although we are experienced with different methodologies and testing frameworks on the market, we think a customized testing approach, designed specifically for your company’s needs, is the best way to go.

Although we are experienced with different methodologies and testing frameworks on the market, we think a customized testing approach, designed specifically for your company’s needs, is the best way to go.


What we do?

Training services

Software test
automation services

Software perfomance
testing services

Software testing


Experienced and versatile

We have experience in developing test automation solutions for front-end and back-end applications, using various programming languages.
We have tested applications developed using a wide range of technologies, both commercial and open source.


In-depth knowledge and understanding

Our team has members who started as programmers. This allows us to easily understand the architecture of the systems and the sensitive areas. This way we can create structured and optimized testing solutions.


Adaptable and focused on the client’s needs

During the analysis phase we put together pieces of information to reveal the needs of the client’s business.


Providers of cost-effective solutions

We believe that a customized testing solution is faster, more efficient, and more profitable than a standard one.
Our solutions minimize the expenditures with the development, the testing team and they ward off the unpleasant costs of releasing a flawed product.


Friendly and supportive

Our approach is focused on leveraging the test team’s skills and creativity. We like working with the client’s testing team to help them optimize their workflow and to maximize the results of their efforts.
We provide training, guidance and help to solve the problems they encounter.
We also provide training and indefinite support for our testing solutions.
We, also, take into consideration the industry standards.



Test automation tools

Quick Test Pro
IBM Rational Unified Tester

Performance testing tools

The Grinder
Load Runner

Software development

Spring Framework
Cloud Technologies
Microservices Patterns
Relational Databases
NoSQL Databases
Event Driven Architecture
Monitoring Tools

Test automation tools

HP ALM / Quality Center
Quality Complete


Software test automation

We create and design a document which specifies your options regarding the tools, the framework and the approach you can use in order to maximize the results

Software perfomance

We provide you an optimized list of performance requirements for your product, based on your profile and based on the industry standards

Software testing services

We analyze your software testing approach and your manual and automation activity in order to highlight the solutions that can reduce the costs of fixing errors

Training services

Our experience has thought us that standard practices are not always efficient. This is why we have a more out of the box, client focused approach.


Client: E-commerce company

Context :

The company was developing enterprise e-commerce applications for different clients, customizing their products based on the clients requirements and needs.

Client: Financial services company

Context :

The company has to develop new functionalities for their payment gateway. A second objective is supporting the legacy payment gateway applications that are still being used.

Client: Pensions and insurance company

Context :

The company has its own development and manual testers for their products and internal applications.