Case study: Financial services company


  • Developing and maintaining a suite of comprehensive automated tests for the new platform that used REST services
  • Development, execution and analysis of performance test for some areas of the new platform
  • Manual, automated and performance testing for the old payment gateway.



For the new payment gateway, the most interesting challenge was to create the automated testing architecture in such a way that would allow reusing data between different testing cycles and suites.

Performance testing brought other challenges:

  • lack of clear requirement and acceptance criteria for the functionalities that were to be tested
  • the constraints of the tools we used: e.g. Gatling, performance testing tool, doesn’t offer support for other protocols besides http
  • lack of performance testing


For the legacy gateway we met different challenges:

  • there was no up to date documentation for the way the platform was functioning
  • we were to reuse, fix and enhance a suite of tests that were written in an outdated version of Python, tests that were some years old and not being used
  • lack of clear requirement and acceptance criteria for the functionalities that were to be tested



For the new payment gateway we provided automated testing, performance testing and software testing sevices.

Part of the company’s policy, we had to use one of the in house automated testing framework. Thus our approach was to integrate in the existing testing framework a new suite of tests which would alow testing with reusage of data, of validations, of different functionalities. This way we reduced the time for creating new tests for new functionalities from several days to several hours or even minutes.

The performance testing approach consisted in first creating a strategy of writing scenarios to easily identify which were the problematic areas or flaws. For the acceptance criteria we consulted the client, the development team and also the industry standards and we agreed upon desired result for: concurrent users, throughput, number of transactions per second etc.

The fact that we have a background in programming and development proved to be very useful in this case in order to understand the architecture of the gateway. We worked closely with the client’s development team in order to implement the software performance testing with very good results.

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